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Steel Manufacturing & Recycling



Customer case study


Our client was grappling with a very manual approach to managing 100-150 self assessments, with no existing technology to enable the processes, actions and workflow. In addition they run risk workshops to determine and manage risks, so automation required for risk. Prior to employing 6clicks, the client was using a combination of spreadsheet, lists, emails and workshops, all of which introduced human error and duplication of effort. They knew they needed to improve.


In an attempt to leverage existing technology, there was an internal push to further perpetuate the use of SAP for GRC and internal audit.  Despite that, the client ultimately selected 6clicks, owing to the value of the robust content library and Hub & Spoke architecture.


The implementation and adoption of the 6clicks SaaS platform has been so successful that the organization has referred the solution to other organizations with glowing endorsements!

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