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Rail Freight via AssessTech

"We've actually managed to create a nice residual risk matrix. And this has helped us really guide what we're going to be focusing on over the next 6 to 8 months in terms of implementing additional controls, mainly targeting the five that are in the red, and then moving on to the bigger bulk that sit around the middle of that partially effective area. "


Customer case study


Transforming Risk Management at Rail Freight with 6clicks

Problem: Inadequate Risk Management System

Jake Rapp, Safety Manager at Rail Freight, shares the challenges faced with their previous Ideagen-based solution. The need for a more tailored and comprehensive risk management system became apparent as they moved away from Ideagen. Rail Freight identified four key focus areas for their ideal system: compliance, risk management, standards, and incident/action management.

Solution: 6clicks - Meeting Specific Needs

After a thorough exploration of alternative solutions, Rail Freight chose 6clicks for its adaptability to their requirements. During the product definition stage, they ensured that 6clicks addressed their four primary focus areas.

  1. Compliance Management: Integrating ISO Standards

    • 6clicks proved advantageous by seamlessly incorporating existing ISO standards, allowing Rail Freight to align its management system with these standards.
    • Collaborating with the 6clicks team, Rail Freight successfully integrated railway-specific regulations into the system.
  2. Risk Management: Enhancing Evaluation and Controls

    • The system facilitated the import of Rail Freight's business risk register, enabling a comprehensive nine-by-nine matrix visualization.
    • Effective control rating features assisted in creating a residual risk matrix, guiding the prioritization of additional controls.
  3. Standards Management: Streamlining Operating Procedures

    • 6clicks simplified the management of standards manuals, traditionally complex documents. By uploading chapters, Rail Freight could link responsibilities, creating recurring jobs based on roles.
  4. Incident and Action Management: Customized Solution

    • Rail Freight is currently in the process of integrating incident and action management into the system.
    • The system allows for detailed incident reporting, custom fields, and tailored data linking to internal standards and overall business risks.

Successful Implementation with Ongoing Support

Rail Freight acknowledges the continuous support from the 6clicks team, emphasizing their willingness to assist. The ongoing implementation process reflects the adaptability and effectiveness of 6clicks in meeting Rail Freight's evolving risk management needs.

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"So within the system, we've brought our business risk register. You can see it there pictured on the right on a nice nine by nine matrix that's pulled directly from the system. Doing this, we had to reevaluate a lot of our risks and go through, but the import itself was actually quite painless. "
Jake Rapp, Safety Manager, Rail Freight