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Communicate easier and better with LiveDocs

6clicks LiveDocs stories and presentations combine trusted data and analytics with a point of view. This adds meaning to data by providing insight, context and explanation, making your GRC program and risk reporting instantly more relevant, interesting and importantly, understood.

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A narrative you can trust

Use LiveDocs for data storytelling

Improve data accuracy and timeliness by harnessing the full power of 6clicks LiveDocs for information presentation. This means that data from the 6clicks platform used in a LiveDocs story or presentation is up to date and accurate. This also eliminates the unreliable process of copying-and-pasting every time new information arrives, or old data is updated, allowing presentations and stories to be built once with data refreshed as often as needed, automatically, significantly reducing time and effort.


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Do more together as a team

Collaborate on LiveDocs in real time

6clicks' collaboration features enable LiveDocs to be co-created by multiple contributors. Business users can easily collaborate to build compelling data stories or presentations that combine analysis with narrative to deliver a data driven storytelling experience more likely to persuade, inspire confidence, and empower change.


What's the story?

Embedded data in LiveDocs is always up to date

As embedded data is dynamic, viewers or readers of LiveDocs can drill into the detail and get behind the data. This interactive way to engage with a data story or presentation can improve understanding and decision-making with real-time, accessible insights.

Whats the story-

 LiveDocs Stories and Presentations

Bring your GRC data to life and bring life to data by adding words, images and video.

Everyone has a story to tell

Use LiveDocs Stories to transform GRC reporting 

You don’t need to be a data analyst - anyone with something to say can easily write and share a LiveDocs Story. Embed reports from the 6clicks Analytics Suite and use a simple interface to bring your data to life with supporting images and video.


Click. Drag. Drop. Present

Use LiveDocs Presentations to transform GRC presentations

Any business user (not just data analysts) can easily create accurate, data-led presentations using a familiar set of graphic and editing tools. Add shapes, text, images, video to bring your embedded charts and tables to life.