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Unlocking GRC efficiency with Jira integration

Greg Rudakov |

February 21, 2024
Unlocking GRC efficiency with Jira integration

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Unlocking GRC efficiency with Jira integration


Streamlining processes and automating tasks through efficient risk and compliance practices empower organizations to anticipate risks, expedite the remediation of incidents, make informed decisions, and ensure compliance — all while saving time and resources.

With this in mind, we are proud to share how 6clicks’ Jira integration can catalyse this efficiency across your organization. 

Integration eliminates duplicate efforts and consolidates processes. Instead of constantly switching between systems, compliance officers and other staff can now drive risk and compliance actions through Jira tickets, allowing you to leverage Jira's automation and customization capabilities and improve your ability to collaborate with stakeholders across the organization.

Taking the first steps with Jira

6clicks has integrated Jira with our issues and incident management capability, allowing you to create, link, and manage Jira tickets as actions connected to Issues.

This means you can seamlessly manage and allocate risk and compliance work items in your preferred systems (such as Jira) and monitor progress automatically without leaving the 6clicks. 

Your wider teams will love this as they continue to operate just as they would today, allowing them to prioritize all their work from one place.


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Putting the theory into practice

Imagine your organization has encountered a major IT failure. It’s OK, though; the worst has passed. However, upon investigating the cause and response, there are now a series of follow-up actions to assign to various tech team members.

In this scenario, your GRC team manages the incident centrally from 6clicks. Of course, 6clicks is the perfect place to record and store all the essential details safely and securely whilst your tech team members are assigned actions directly into their Jira workspace, where they can remediate processes, update configurations and most importantly, ensure that this incident cannot happen again.

Jira tasks can be assigned to individuals, with detailed descriptions of the work required and due dates as needed - all from within 6clicks. As these tasks move through their lifecycle, visibility of progress is available in real-time within the 6clicks Issue they are assigned to, with the statuses of Issues in 6clicks being able to map to any Jira status - including custom statuses.

How to get set up

If you’d like to know more about getting set up, reach out to to get started. You can also take a look at our knowledge base article for the technical requirements, including a step-by-step guide in setting up the integration between 6clicks and Jira.



Greg Rudakov

Written by Greg Rudakov

Greg is a Senior Product Manager at 6clicks, spearheading the growth and development of the company's groundbreaking Hailey AI engine. Greg's impressive track record includes founding a successful SaaS venture, leading major projects for companies such as KPMG, and integrating IT systems and teams across the globe. With a keen focus on go-to-market strategy and collaboration amongst senior leadership and customers alike, Greg continues to elevate 6clicks' position as a leader in AI-driven solutions for risk management and compliance.