Keeping assessments agile and up to date

Skip the questionnaires. Create assessments directly based on compliance obligations or requirements.


Enjoy more flexibility and agile assessment capability

  • Enhance repeatability with customisable assessment templates
  • Ensure the use of best practice across all your assessments, whether it's internally or with third-parties
Pic 1 - RBA Assessment Creation - GIF
RBA In-app GIF

Define your preferred custom fields to collect exactly the right data

  • Add notes or guidelines as you build your assessment
  • Store all related assessment data on one central platform
  • Easily remove requirements beyond the scope of your assessment

Connected directly to all 6clicks modules

  • Inform integrated custom reporting
  • Identify associated key risks and issues and make changes straight away
  • Utilise pre-built assessments from the 6clicks Content Library
  • Work directly with your advisors using our unique architecture
Pic 3 - Risks and Issues - GIF

Make your assessments flexible