The simple, integrated project management tool to keep you on track

Manage all risk and compliance methodologies and projects in one place.


Plan, create and start your risk and compliance projects – ALL within 6clicks

  • Stay mindful of key project objectives and keep them simple
  • Use the same software you already use to manage your risk and compliance
  • Ensure alignment with bespoke and industry-based risk assessment methodologies.
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Accelerate your productivity and make teamwork more efficient

  • Assign owners, set due dates and add attachments for every task, or don't
  • Instantly chat with other project team members and keep sensitive conversations secure
  • Turn any project into a template to create repeatable processes

For 6clicks Partners

Create project templates and share them with clients instantly

  • Give guidance to clients with a clear roadmap to achieving compliance
  • Assign tasks directly to those accountable or to consultants internally
  • Define best practice across your organisation and in client engagements
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Start building your risk & compliance projects today