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Curating a Single-Pane-of-Glass GRC Landscape

Building a robust enterprise GRC program is a journey and one that requires a well-thought-out plan followed by pristine execution coordinating across several teams and various personnel.

Creating a complete landscape between GRC use cases, such as incidents, third parties, risks & compliance, external audits, vulnerabilities, and policies – can feel like a monumental task.

We get it; it's hard. It takes time, resources, some expense, and guidance.

Organizations looking for ways to optimize their GRC program tend to express reluctance to change and tool implementation. Stakeholders maintain that "the mounds of spreadsheets and numerous database applications work" or "we don't have the resources for that". If it ain't broke, don't fix it, right?

Wrong. Implementing a tool to curate the single-pane-of-glass landscape:

  • Standardizes GRC practices;

  • Mitigates team members from taking shortcuts;

  • Reduces process inefficiencies; and

  • Cuts out headaches associated with maintaining multiple systems.

The Value of 6clicks

Single Source of GRC Content Truth

Creation of a single source of truth for content, policies, processes, risks, incidents, assessments, vendors, and the opportunity to integrate bi-directionally with your current systems to bring all your GRC and information security data into the same platform:

  • reduces audit stress

  • alleviates the hassle of tracking down information, and

  • minimizes time spent managing GRC
No more "an email here, a spreadsheet there, and a file over there". All your GRC content and workflows live in one place, ready to easily access, edit, and report on.

Are you struggling with where to start with your content build-out? No sweat. 6clicks offers in-app content at your fingertips, including questionnaire and assessment templates, authority documents, industry-standard risks, policies, control sets, playbooks, and response plans.


6clicks Hub and Spoke Model

Are you managing GRC across several departments? Subsidiaries? Clients? Other entities? 6clicks can handle that.

Leveraging the capabilities of the 6clicks Hub and Spoke model, organizations can create, manage, and maintain their GRC functions across multiple departments, for example, packaged up in a single view – all while providing data segregation between the entities.


Bye Bye, Spreadsheets

Need we say more?

Let's face it, managing your risk and compliance program through spreadsheets is archaic. Eliminating the need for spreadsheets reduces the likelihood of lost audit trails and human errors and creates a more repeatable process for your GRC needs.


Reduced Time to Compliance

We are reducing time to compliance via streamlined compliance and cross-compliance capabilities with standards, regulations, and frameworks via Hailey, our AI engine.

That's right – we have an AI engine.


Audit Trail, Audit Trail, Audit Trail

Utilizing 6clicks in your GRC journey builds your audit trail in a single platform, putting you in a defensible position during audit season.


All-in-One Reporting

Comprehensive, rich reporting capabilities enable your organization to create formatted reports ranging from regulatory required reports, like the PCI ROC, to a customized risk and assessment report for tomorrow's board meeting.

Check out our analytics and reporting capabilities here.



Developing a holistic view of your organization's GRC program utilizing 6clicks creates immediate value and ROI for your organization. Leverage your first-mover advantage with a renewed governance, risk, and compliance approach. 

Ready to start building your top-down approach to GRC? How about a whistle-stop tour with one of our 6clicks maestros? Easy, click the button below and let the good times roll.


All we want to do every day is make the world of GRC easier to manage. We can't do that without you, so we hope to hear from you soon!

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