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How Hub & Spoke™ Helps Everyone Manage Risk & Compliance

Marekus Smith Dec 02, 2021
Hub & Spoke™ Model Helping Firms & Enterprises Manage Risk & Compliance

The Hub & Spoke™ model is an architectural format within the 6clicks tool. It is used to display and manage the information within autonomous GRC programs in a clearly categorized and helpfully structured way.


Deep Dive Into the Hub & Spoke™ Model

For a long time now, many companies have used tools such as SharePoint or Excel to manage GRC activities efficiently. This methodology is exactly what 6clicks is here to eradicate. On the one hand, we have helped hundreds of consultancies to digitize their process so that they can log on to one portal and have access to all of their clients from one main portal - one single pane of glass - and with those consultants that are actually interacting and engaging with those clients, they will have role-based access controls where they only engage with the clients that are pertaining to them.

On the other hand, companies large and small that have more than one entity, or even division, to manage can operate with full transparency and deep knowledge of any risk or compliance activity.

So that is the Hub and Spoke™ model in a nutshell.



Hub & Spoke

Benefits of the Hub & Spoke™ Model

  • As mentioned, Hub & Spoke applies to both consultants and enterprises, and even the clients themselves. Now, as amazing a tool as SharePoint is, surfing through a file sharing tool is pretty clunky when it comes to managing GRC. Having the Hub & Spoke™ model where you have all of your information on a client by client basis, all in one location just makes everything so much easier to operate and move through the day-to-day. Not to mention versioning issues...I'll leave that there lest I ruin your day. 
  • Take a company like Amazon for example. Multinational presence and oodles of risk and compliance processes. How do they categorize and maintain data segregation as it relates to how they like to operate their risk and compliance structure? The mind boggles. But these days, mega conglomerates are now not the only ones needing to manage risk and compliance by business department, or some other weird and wonderful segregation type that makes sense to them.

So that is typically the major benefit of the model - that is data segregation and being able to quickly move from client to client or business units.


Use Case Example: Healthcare

Not to pick on healthcare, but it is a huge concern for risk and compliance, and also a huge target for cyber attackers. So it's a great case to illustrate how any industry can benefit.

How do healthcare systems currently manage their risk? Where do they begin? Well, in this day and age, most start with Excel. However, Excel has become an antiquated way of operating and managing a risk program.

With Hub & Spoke, a healthcare provider with multiple entities or divisions either in various locations or all-in-one can allocate a 'Super Administrator' with full view and access management. Essentially, each entity or division becomes a categorized 'client' within the top view portfolio.

From there, headquarters can gain entry into every client separately, and then every single GRC activity within each client.

The abilities to streamline, automate and closely (as well as easily) manage GRC activities from here are endless.

Anything from managing risks (threats and vulnerabilities included), mapping and demonstrating compliance, project management, assessing, auditing, controlling issues and incidents, managing assets, implementing and maintaining information security and much more is right there within arm's reach. 

Headquarters can go as granular as they want. 

Onboarding is easy. Managing risk is easy. Being able to have access to major pertinent content in our marketplace is easy, and we just house all that information in one consolidated, integrated, and fully automated platform.

Hub & Spoke is for every industry, and it won't break the bank or sit on the shelf.


Silly Barriers To This Model

Risk and compliance has always been seen as a liability from a financial standpoint. But as organizations such as Cisco start to put out articles and documentation on how cybersecurity and risk management actually provides a strong return on investment for organizations, it wouldn't surprise me to see the other dominoes start to fall in the mindsets of any practitioner of risk and compliance anywhere in the world. 


How is the 6clicks Hub & Spoke™ Model Different?

For the simple reason that, across the board, it doesn't exist anywhere else. There is really no other way to be able to have all the information you need to manage GRC on a client-by-client basis. We love it when advisors or enterprise teams see the tool, primarily because the tool in origin was actually developed by advisors.

So that's one of the reasons why it's been so attractive for the advisory market, simply because they really had nowhere to really house their data. 

pitt original


Yes, functionality is awesome, but how about value!?

Some of the biggest things that 6clicks' clients value:

  • We actually build our product based upon what they need. We take customer feedback extremely seriously because the only way you can continue to provide value in the marketplace is to listen to the people that are using your tool. We are not afraid to hear that harsh feedback.

  • It is always great to be on a call where a customer says, you know, there's a lot of tools out there for the big guys, but what about the little guys? Everything we offer is for firms and businesses of all sizes. Smaller firms or the small business owner can really get a lot out of this because, as we know, it just costs too much for them to have an entry point into digitizing their efforts.

  • The 6clicks that you see today will not be the 6clicks that you see a quarter from now, because of that continuous feedback. And because of that grid to continuously develop the tool. We love becoming friends with our users and being there for them along their journey.

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To learn more, check out our nifty Hub and Spoke™ page here.

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