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Creating Your Holistic GRC Hub and Spoke™ Model

Advisors, private equity firms, large enterprises, franchises, and the like not only have to maintain compliance at the top level but oftentimes are managing GRC programs of several entities.

But how!?

Maintaining compliance at the corporate level is hard enough. When enterprises and partners are overseeing GRC programs across multiple organizations, subsidiaries, or clients, keeping everything straight and visibility managed can be a challenge.

This is where the 6clicks Hub and Spoke™ model to equip centralized GRC comes in.


What Is The 6clicks Hub & Spoke™ Model?

The brilliant minds at 6clicks developed the 6clicks Hub and Spoke™ approach to centralized GRC practices to help organizations manage a hierarchical business model. The 6clicks Hub and Spoke™ creates a bidirectional relationship between a parent organization and their respective entities, an advisor and their clients, or statewide governance over cities, for example.


How Does It Work?

The Center of Excellence (CoE) pushes data and content to the Entity.

Entity tracks and workflows assessments, risks, issues, and their full GRC program.

Entity pushes, or CoE pulls, results and reports back to the CoE.

Simple as that.

Federated Business Model Diagram


What Are The Benefits?

Where do we even begin? There are so many.  This bidirectional data model allows for a truly holistic single-pane-of-glass view into a hierarchical GRC program.

Just to name a few more:

Content management:

  • Content within the 6clicks marketplace can be tailored and made available for each of the managed entities

  • Entities can manage their own custom content within their 6clicks instance in addition to the standardized content provided by the CoE organization

Clear segregation between entities:

  • Each entity can operate largely autonomously, adopting functionality at their own pace

  • Each team's data can be managed individually, including the team configuration, user access, and permissions

'CoE' level management capabilities:

  • Users at the 'CoE' level can create templated entities with assessment templates, policies, risks, projects, and incident response playbooks, for example, to enforce a standardized approach to GRC

  • Users within the CoE team can access each of the entity accounts as an 'advisor'

  • Data from each entity team can be easily rolled up to the Center of Excellence for reporting

  • Risk reviews can be initiated from the CoE to get a quick snapshot of risks within the entities at a board or senior executive level


Who Benefits From Hub & Spoke™?

The 6clicks Hub and Spoke™ model works for so many different use cases and client types such as:

  • Organizations looking to manage subsidiaries, departments, or other entities with separate environments to facilitate corporate standards plus enable entities to manage their own GRC programs independently.

  • Franchises that need to assess and manage risk across all entities both granularly and at the corporate level.

  • Private equity firms that are managing risk and compliance across a portfolio of clients.

  • Advisors, MSPs, and partners alike with a need to manage their service delivery offerings across a diverse client base.

  • And the list goes on...


To learn more, check out our nifty Hub and Spoke™ page here.

Developing a holistic view of your organization’s GRC program utilizing 6clicks creates immediate value and ROI for your organization. Leverage your first mover advantage with a renewed approach towards governance, risk, and compliance. Download this free eBook that explains the Paradigm Shift in Modern Governance, Risk & Compliance.

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